Roxanne Pilcher, a founding partner of Wize2Chooze Properties, LLC, heads up the purchase and acquisition of delinquent and non-performing notes from hedge funds such as Granite, PPR, and Kondaur. The inclusion of delinquent notes as a part of the business structure has allowed for more diversified portfolio and greater control over the outcome of acquired properties.

Roxanne believes in establishing win/win relationships and partner with hedge funds. Her purpose in acquiring delinquent notes is to provide the hedge funds an opportunity to remove from their books the properties that will best assist the institution in meeting their objectives.

The past 2.5 years in the real estate industry have been an exciting career change for Roxanne. One of her notable affiliates, Eddie Speed, who has purchased between 30,000-40,000 (seller financed) notes for the past 32 years, has provided her great experience in the note buying industry.

Her past career as an RN in intensive care nursing for over 25 years, paved the way for an exciting career in real estate.

In her spare time Roxanne enjoys horseback riding and spending time with her husband and two college age daughter and son.


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